Friday, 8 August 2014

Grabbing Cranes Types and Functionality

From Crane manufacturing process as many categories of cranes Grabbing Cranes is one of the useful and commonly used crane type in different industrial operations. These cranes are popular because of their specifications and characteristics as working individually as they dose not need any platform to be mounted, which results in lowering the price of installation and maintenance.

Unlike other types grabbing cranes are the type that uses integral grabbing tool instead of using hooking mechanism. This design is specifically focused on the fact that cranes which are purposefully developed for breaking, grabbing or carrying operations rather than movement specific operations they have to be designed with grabber.
Grabbing cranes have different types like :
  • Bulk handling cranes
    these are designed with the shell bucket or also called as shell grabber
    to carry the heavy cargo. Usually shell bucket is attached to two lifting ropes and as per the machine specifications and capacity additional ropes for controlling purpose may added to the grabbing crane design
  • Orange peel Grabbing cranes
    instead of a shell bucket or shell grab this design has a orange peel grab tool which is like a huge metal hand. This type is commonly used in mining and business sector for grabbing the metal scrap, construction scrap or leveling up the land.
  • Kangaroo Grabbing cranes
    main difference between kangaroo grabbing cranes and other types is bulk and orange peel grabbers have to dump the cargo or any material they are lifting by rotating or moving towards destined point. However kangaroo grabbing cranes have their own dumping mechanism. Usually kangaroo grabbers are not recommended for on field work operations.

Electric Hoists are also an interesting type of cranes.

Another interesting type of the Grabbing cranes called as claw machines which has usefulness of being operated on small scale business as well as large scale. This type consist of metal claw to lift up the material and drop down. Excellent example about this type of grabbing crane is clawing machine game in the mall to pick up the toys.
Similarly on a large scale clawing crane can be used with high configurations of its specifications.

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